Prof. Ing. Jaromír DRÁPALA, CSc.

Prof. Ing. Jaromír DRÁPALA, CSc.

Advanced Metal Powders Ltd., Kravare, Czech Republic, EU

(Born on Jan 21st 1949). Professor at the department of Non-ferrous metals, refining and recycling, Faculty of Materials Science and Technology, VSB - Technical University of Ostrava (Czech Republic, EU).


Praxis and Education:
1968 - 1971    Technical worker in TESLA Rožnov, diffusion and epitaxy technology
1971 - 1977    Research worker at the Technical University of Ostrava
1977              MSc. Graduation, subject „Materials Engineering”
1977 - 1983    Research worker at the dept. of Non-ferrous Metals and Nuclear Metallurgy, Technical University of Ostrava
1983 - 1993    Assistant lecturer at the Technical University of Ostrava
1986              Graduated CSc. (Ph.D.)
1995              Associate Professor at the dept. of Non-ferrous metals, refining and recycling, VSB - Technical University of Ostrava
2003              Professor at the VSB - Technical University of Ostrava in the branch „Metallurgical technology“


Scientific and research works:
Physical metallurgy, metallurgy of pure metals, a study of properties of metals, alloys and compounds, high purity materials, special alloys and semiconductors, materials for electro-technology, distribution of admixtures in metals and semiconductors, segregation coefficients, diffusion processes and interaction of elements. Experience with the application of different metallurgical technologies (vacuum refinery, zone melting and directional crystallization of metals, preparation of pure metals, special alloys, intermetallic compounds, lead-free solders etc. by using of the electron beam zone melting furnace, resistance furnaces, Bridgman-Stockbarger method …). Refining and preparation of single crystals of refractory metals and their low-alloyed alloys. The application of computing technology in the field of the solution of technical issues, diffusion processes, prediction of properties of materials after mechanical and thermal treatment. Experimental examination of the behavior of admixtures in metals by using radio-nuclides and instrumental neutron activation analysis.

He was a principal investigator of four projects of Grant Agency of the Czech Republic No. 106/03/0048, 106/99/0824, 106/99/0905 and 106/06/1190 and a member of the solving teams in other projects,  e.g. one stage of the projects: COST Materials Action 531 „Lead-free Solder Materials“ and COST Action MP0602 „Advanced Solder Materials for High Temperature Applications“. At present, he is a co-applicant of the project of the Technological Agency of the Czech Republic No. TA 03010161 „Experimental development of non-ferrous metals utilization in the Mischmetall form for microstructure refinement in the production of steel ingots for forgings in the specific work”. Now he is a leader of the Research Program at the Regional Materials Science and Technology Centre in Ostrava.

As author or co-author he published more than 400 works; since 2009: 2 books, 2 chapters in books, 18 journals abroad, 15 Czech journals, 11 conferences abroad, 12 conferences in the Czech Republic, co-author of two patents. A region of publication activities: metallurgy of pure metals, physical metallurgy, thermodynamics, materials for electro-technical engineering, microelectronics, vacuum techniques, interaction of elements, diffusion processes.