Past Events

6th Metallurgical Symposium was held in 4 sessions (Production of pig iron, steel, continuous casting, ferro-alloys, foundry industry; Steel products, their properties, testing, surface treatment; Non-ferrous metals and alloys, powder metallurgy and composites; Forming of steel). 93 lectures were presented and 111 posters were exhibited. 224 participants took part in the Symposium, 114 were from abroad. Four-volume proceedings had 939 pages. The main speaker was Prof. RNDr. Jaroslav Fiala, DrSc., SKODA RESEARCH Ltd, Pilsen, Czech Republic (EU), who presented the lecture, titled "Material Engineering at the Beginning of the 21st Century". The poster seminar of the Engineering Academy of the Czech Republic and Grant Agency of the CR "Grant Projects in Metallurgy and Material Engineering" took place within the poster session. 38 posters were presented.