Past Events

10th Conference of Metallurgy and Materials consisted of 7 Symposia (Advanced steelmaking; Forming of metals; Modern metalography-materialography; High temperature metallic materials; Non-ferrous metals and alloys (including materials for electrical engineering and electronics); Surface engineering; Nanomaterials and grain boundaries). As obvious, there was a certain shift to the field of material science and material engineering - from the Conference title and Symposia focus. 172 lectures and 45 papers were presented at the conference. Total attendance was 249 participants from 21 countries - 130 authors from Czech Republic, 33 from Poland, 19 from Slovakia, 15 from Russia, 9 from Ukraine, 8 from Romania, 5 from United Kingdom, 5 from Yugoslavia, 5 from Germany, 3 from U.S.A., 3 from Austria, 3 from Slovenia, 3 from Hungary, 2 from Iran and one participant from Luxemburg, Denmark, Algeria, Portugal, Bangladesh and Japan.